Polling and Surveys

TechMIS takes polling and surveys to a higher level by providing rigorous, accurate polling and surveys in denied and benign areas correlated with other data gathered from a variety of sources. We use trusted NGO and Governmental sources, curated media reports, socio-cultural, historical and anthropological analyses, military and police statistics, interviews with key observers and analysts and other credible polls. This provides a fully-round view of the question at hand.

We also tailor the technology to the task. We conduct face-to-face interviews, when appropriate, and support them with tablet and cell-phone technologies, but we also leverage new technologies like skype, twitter, SMS, and IVR to increase reach while lowering cost to the client.

Our experts are skilled in statistical analysis, marketing, psychology, socio-cultural analysis and historical analysis. This allows us to tailor our approach to the client’s needs and the study population.

Our broad skill set combined with our experience developing relevant and clearly defined Measures of Effectiveness and Impact Indicators and tailoring our study process to the client’s goals ensure that our clients get rigorous analysis delivered in a digestible form.